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. . . and an explanation about "Sierra Sunrise"

Dino Massaroni - Biography


From the age of four, I have loved to draw. My artwork often elicited approval and encouragement from friends and family which gave me confidence and self esteem at an early age.


On a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art when I was ten, I became bored and disappointed with the abstract works of art in the galleries we were marched through by our teacher. I wandered away from my herded classmates to explore other galleries in hopes of finding something interesting. As I descended a flight of steps and rounded a corner, I found myself alone and face-to-face with "Le Repos," a large oil painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau. The illusion of natural realism so impressed me, and I remember thinking, “I want to paint like that!” The memory of that experience has inspired me and remained a driving force in my work.

As a portrait artist, I work from life in the studio which has taught me the importance of first-hand observation. Painting “all’aperto” (Italy’s term for "in the open air") broadens and enhances the studio experience, and my paintings benefit from the melding of the two.  This experience also helps when it becomes necessary to work from photographic reference

I believe that natural realism has a powerful effect on people. I create artwork that honestly describes a subject’s visible texture, and in so doing, honestly describes its hidden texture — its spirit. Notwithstanding this 268 word statement, it’s important that my artwork speaks for itself — to communicate in a language so universal as to be understood by anyone throughout the world.  - Dino Massaroni


About the Artist

The paintings of Dino Massaroni have been awarded numerous competitive prizes in national, regional and local exhibits.  He has exhibited his artwork in such nationally renowned venues as the Butler Institute of American Art's Annual Midyear Show, Ohio; American Artists Professional League Annual, New York; Knickerbocker Artists Annual, New York; Akron Society of Artists Annual Grand Exhibition, Ohio; Allied Artists of America Annual, New York and the Pastel Society of America Annual, New York.  His most notable solo exhibitions were displayed at the Butler Institute of American Art and the Canton Art Institute.

As a result of his naturalistic style, Massaroni has become a popular portrait painter with works in the collections of the Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio; The University of Akron School of Law, Ohio; Suarez Corporation Industries, Ohio; Temple Israel, Akron, Ohio; A. Schulman, Inc., Akron, Ohio; Network Polymers, Inc., Akron, Ohio; City of Parma Heights, Ohio; and Carmen Construction Company, Tallmadge, Ohio to name a few.  His portraits, landscapes and still life compositions are also included in private collections in Italy, Switzerland and the United States.

Massaroni teaches weekly portrait & figure drawing and painting courses at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center http://www.cvartcenter.org and Orange Art Center http://www.orangeartcenter.org as well as travel workshops to Italy and Santorini, Greece.

SIERRA SUNRISE . . . the Print: I have received many inquiries about my painting "Sierra Sunrise," or should I say the print of the original painting.  To make it easier on myself and the thousands who will inquire in the future, here's the story and current information about that image.  In 1988, I was commissioned by a direct mail marketing company to create the image of this scene in the Yosemite National Park.  It depicts the sun coming up over the Yosemite Mountains with a stream running through the center and a man and woman romantically walking hand-in-hand through the valley.  They licensed the image from me and created prints to distribute across the United States and Canada and did so for two or three years.  Some of the prints were framed before they were delivered to their owners, some were not.  No matter where or how you acquired your print, they are probably currently valued at around $50.00 if framed.  Remember, they are merely prints, not original paintings.  So their value won't be worth enough to retire on.  I hope you enjoy the image as it graces a spot in your home.  -- Dino Massaroni